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The History of British Caledonian Airways  by Dave Thaxter

New for July 2019
by Eunice Musgrave & Frank Skilbeck
Afghanistan's War without End: A Story of Love and Duty - Part 1
Afghanistan's War without End: A Story of Love and Duty - Part 2

Frontline and Fortitude by Elizabeth Lockhart-Mure
My Date with Destiny by Eunice Musgrave
Flying to the Sun by Charles Woodley
Supermarine Seafire XVII to Douglas DC10 by Ronald Williams
Learning to Fly - A romantic comedy by Jane Lambert
Silver City Airways - Pioneers of the Skies by Keith Dagwell
Da Nang Bound by Frank Skilbeck
Caledonian 108 by Charles Powell
Gourmet & Glamour by George Banks
Before There Were Trolley Dollies by Angela Waller
In-Flight Confidential by Richard Havers
Scottish Aviation books by Iain Hutchison
Turbulent Times and Clear Skies by Nazie El Masry

Aviation Websites
Air Aces  Monthly Aviation talk group (Sussex)
Wings Museum  Aviation Museum in Sussex
The BAC 1-11 Website
The VC10 Website
The Vickers Viscount Network
Aviation Models - aircraft models for sale / swap
Caz Caswell's Aviation Photographs
Propliner Magazine
Mike Charlton's Aviation Postcard website
The Air Net Links Site
The Spirit of Jersey Airlines Website
Dunsfold Airfield

Businesses and Gifts
Lynne's Christmas Trees by Lynne Le Maitre
Colours Guesthouse - Mablethorpe run by Fred & Jean Gorman
A holiday in Brittany - Ar Karregenn - run by Peter Kenworthy
A break in Paris - The Terrace at 22 run by Brian Ferguson
Holiday in France - La Varache - run by Chris Hill
Lavender Gifts and more, grown by Carol Hamblin

The Golden Lion Children's Trust

BA Retired Staff Association
Regular meetings and outings. The Gatwick branch has many former BCal staff and the RSA has useful pension & travel info too  BA RSA

Social Media
BCal A Tribute Facebook Group
British Caledonian - A Tribute