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26th Nov 2017      Ian Bagshaw
11th Nov 2017      Bob Waterfield
1st Oct 2017         Jim Monaghan
19th Sept 2017    Roger Henning
17th July 2017      Derek Russell
15th July 2017      Phil Benson
13th June 2017    Ray & Pat Jackson, Nick Higson
  9th June 2017     Audrey Bateman
  5th June 2017     David Cooper,   Mansel Dinnis,  Brian Day
  4th June 2017     David Braithwaite,   George Bellamy,   Laurie Berryman
  3rd June 2017     Rohan Alce,  Vic Attwood,  Harry Millar,  Peter Barry,  Phil Bowell

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17th Aug 2017     Mike Keely
24th July 2017      Richard Fisher
13th June 2017    Fiona Herdman-Smith
  5th June 2017     David Richardson
  4th June 2017     Joe Warkentine,   Charles Manetta

Richard Havers 03/01/2018
Sadly I have heard that Richard passed away on the 31st December 2017 after a short battle with cancer which was diagnosed when very advanced. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues at this difficult time, he will be missed by many.  Richard joined BUA in 1969 as a messenger in cargo sales working up the line in Cargo Sales and then to Planning. He was part of the setting up of British Caledonian Commuter, which he recalled "was great fun". After BCal he went to Continental Airlines before returning to the UK to write books, one being Inflight Confidential.  Service details and remebrances here  Richard Remembered
Roy Tappenden (Captain) 04/01/2018 updated 17th January
Sadly we learn that Roy passed away suddenly on the 24th December 2017. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues at this difficult time. Roy was formerly based at Southend and is remembered as one of the flight crew there in the mid-1950s / 60s. Service details and remembrance messages here Roy Remembered
British Caledonian - A Tribute