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22nd Jan 2019   
Norma Marwick
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Jeremy Dixon
18th Dec 2018    Peter Davis (Ops / Apt Mgr)
29th Sept 2018   Peter Forbes
  2nd Feb 2018    William Puk
17th Aug 2017     Mike Keely
24th July 2017      Richard Fisher
13th June 2017    Fiona Herdman-Smith
  5th June 2017    David Richardson
  4th June 2017    Joe Warkentine, Charles Manetta

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15th Dec 2018   
Derek Bonfield
2nd Dec 2018    
Peter Trowsdale
  4th Nov 2018      Mansell Dinnis
25th July 2018      Fiona Searle
16th July 2018      Tony Pannell
31st May 2018      Vic Ball
14th May 2018      John Gould
19th Apr 2018       Bruce Campbell
18th Apr 2018       Rachel Sadler, Rita Quinn
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22nd Mar 2018     Tony Pannell
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  1st Oct 2017       Jim Monaghan
19th Sep 2017     Roger Henning
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15th July 2017      Phil Benson
13th June 2017    Ray & Pat Jackson, Nick Higson
  9th June 2017     Audrey Bateman
  5th June 2017     David Cooper,   Mansel Dinnis,  Brian Day
  4th June 2017     David Braithwaite,   George Bellamy
  3rd June 2017     Rohan Alce,  Vic Attwood,  Harry Millar, 
                                Peter Barry,  Phil Bowell

Martin Hole (Captain) 22/01/19
Sadly we have heard that Martin passed away on 14th January 2019 whilst in St Barnabas House Hospice in Worthing. My sincere condolences to Martin's family, friends and former colleagues at this difficult time. Martin was a Captain with BCal, a 707 Training Captain, then the A310 fleet and then on to the DC10 fleet. Service news will be added when known. Please check back for updates.

Sylvia Morant
Sadly Sylvia passed away on Friday 11th January 2019 in Crawley Hospital. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues at this difficult time. Sylvia, who worked for many years in BCal's Sales & Marketing team, originally started with Caledonian as their uniformed receptionist. Though not on pc, Sylvia was always interested in the news and was one of a few who had the newsletter by post each month.

Sylvia's service will be held on 4th February in Crawley, full details and remembrance messages here. Sylvia Remembered

Stuart Goddard
Stuart passed away peacefully on 26th December 2018. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues at this difficult time. Stuart joined Caledonian Airways in 1969 in the crewing department, later leaving to join BUA in February 1970 only to return to the fold again in 1971 when BCal was formed.  He is remembered well by friend and colleague Tony (Fella) Roberts. Service details will be added when known. Stuart Remembered
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