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My sincere condolences go out to the families, friends and colleagues of those we have lost.
Latest Entries

22nd Feb 2021
Ron Blair
22nd Feb 2021 Christine Grant
27th Dec 2020   Anne Jack
11th Dec 2020   Capt Clive Willsdon
22nd Aug 2020  David Clark (Cargo)
16th July 2020    Dyan Humphrey
30th Jun 2020     Steve Bispham
19th Jun 2020     Paul Goodwin
16th Jun 2020     Warren Funnell
15th Apr 2020     John Fitch
23rd Mar 2020    Richard Mudge
2nd Sept 2019   Leonard Bebchick
10th July 2019     David Hamilton
26th Jan 2019     Nikki Mitchell
22nd Jan 2019    Norma Marwick
          "      "           Jeremy Dixon
18th Dec 2018    Peter Davis (Ops / Apt Mgr)
29th Sept 2018   Peter Forbes
  2nd Feb 2018    William Puk
17th Aug 2017     Mike Keely
24th July 2017      Richard Fisher
13th June 2017    Fiona Herdman-Smith
  5th June 2017    David Richardson
  4th June 2017    Joe Warkentine, Charles Manetta

Updated Email Addresses and / or Entries

15th Sept 2021
Walter Riggans
  4th Sept 2021
Thelma Riggans (nee Halse)
  3rd Mar 2021 
Paul Goodwin
24th Feb 2021 
Andrew Lothian
22nd Feb 2021
Peter Grant
19th Jan 2021 
Elaine Deverson
11th Nov 2020  Roy Shaw 
  7th Oct 2020   Colin Starkey
22nd Aug 2020 Ana Eva Heuberger
13th Aug 2020  John Faulkner
10th Aug 2020  Clive Snelling
20th July 2020   Hazel Lyttle (now Lane)
20th May 2020  Yolanda Gouveia
  1st May 2020  Richard Keast
28th Apr 2020   Tanya Collins
23rd Apr 2020   Dave Linsell
23rd Apr 2020   Joanna James
23rd Apr 2020   Bob Waterfield
18th Apr 2020    Roy Marshall
16th Apr 2020    George Bellamy
15th Apr 2020    Ron Fink
16th Mar 2020   Terry Jefferies
15th Jan 2020    Derek Epps
22nd Dec 2019  Carlos Paulo
19th Dec 2019   Peter Nettlefold
10th Dec 2019    Ian Haines
19th Nov 2019    Trevor Boud

Duncan Haws 19/08/21 BCal Sales Director. Duncan Remembered
Lydia Kettani 22/08/21    BCal ticket desk supervisor Casablanca. Lydia Remembered
John Roodt 06/09/21
Sadly John passed away in late August 2021. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. John was an integral part of Lusaka and was known to many crew and those who visited the station. John Remembered
Dawn Mirren 05/09/21
Sadly Dawn passed away at her home in Canada. My sincere condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues. Dawn was one of the original Caledonian Airways team, and was PA/Secretary to John de la Haye. Then at BCAL she worked in the Press & PR department. A lovely lady - very professional recalls Tony Cocklin.  Dawn Remembered
Alan Medhurst 07/09/21
Sadly Alan passed away in East Surrey hospital on 16th August 2021, he was 83 years of age. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Alan was a long serving Engineer, firstly in Hangar 1 in BUA days then as a Line Engineer on Line 4 during BCal / BA's time. Alan Remembered
British Caledonian - A Tribute