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Pete Scott 05/07/17
Sadly Pete passed away, aged 90, on 4th July 2017 after a short battle with illness. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Pete was an Aircraft Engineer / Station Engineer at Gatwick from 1957, before that he worked at Croydon Airport.  Pete's service was held on Friday 21st July. Pete Remembered
Updated Email Addresses and / or Entries

17th July 2017      Derek Russell
15th July 2017      Phil Benson
13th June 2017    Ray & Pat Jackson, Nick Higson
  9th June 2017     Audrey Bateman
  5th June 2017     David Cooper,   Mansel Dinnis,  Brian Day
  4th June 2017     David Braithwaite,   George Bellamy,   Laurie Berryman
  3rd June 2017     Rohan Alce,  Vic Attwood,  Harry Millar,  Peter Barry,  Phil Bowell

New Entries

24th July 2017      Richard Fisher
13th June 2017    Fiona Herdman-Smith
  5th June 2017     David Richardson
  4th June 2017     Joe Warkentine,   Charles Manetta

Alan Jones (Engineering) 20/07/17
Sadly I have heard that Alan, a BCal Engineer, passed away on 5th May 2017 following an operation. My apologies for the belated news, it has just arrived. If any more comes to light I will pass it on of course. My condolences go out to Alan's family, friends and former colleagues.
Sandra Beeson (then Darlow) 14/07/17
Sandra passed away peacefully in early July, aged 75, after a long battle with cancer. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. Sandra worked for Ray Dobson, Personnel & Industrial Relations Director, from 1971 until he died and then she worked for the Chairman and MD until 1989. Sandra's service was held on Thursday 20th July 2017. Sandra Remembered
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