Before There Were Trolley Dollies
Angela Waller

Before There Were Trolley Dollies is published by Indepenpress Publishers Ltd
In the 1950s and 1960s, often thought of as ‘the golden age of passenger flying’, Angela Waller was an air hostess, which was considered a glamorous job and was the ambition of most young women at that time.

In Before There Were Trolley Dollies, Angela tells stories about her life in the skies, working in World War II bombers that had been converted for passenger use. Flying in daylight only, the journey from London to Nairobi or Accra took three days, with passengers and crew staying in hotels each night along the way.

Angela’s passengers included Prime Ministers, world athletes, people travelling on the new low cost pack­age holidays, and film production units. One such film crew included a young Sean Connery who declared his love for her.

Read Angela’s stories that are both funny and dramatic, full of facts and gossip, when everything was so dif­ferent, half a century ago
Before There Were Trolley Dollies
was published on 3rd July 2009
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