The ongoing adventures of G-BFGI
February 2017
I had lost track of G-BFGI in November 2011 when she was being taken apart slowly at Jakarta International Airport, she had no engines, systems and was clearly not going to fly again.

So you hunt around a bit with Google Earth, looking around the airport for use as a new fire / rescue training role or maybe long term bone-yard use, but not too far as she cannot fly.

But late in 2016 Stephen McBrien-Brooks dropped me a line, he had spotted her some 1,200 km / 750 miles away in Bali. Slightly unsure I headed to Google Earth to look and there she was; the entire rear fuselage and tail fin of our DC10 sat on a roof top in North Kuta, Bali.

She had presumably been taken by road and / or sea from Jakarta to Bali and turned into the central feature / entrance to a new roof top bar, The Gate 88.

Sadly it looks like the bar has now closed, Stephen thinks it was maybe something to do with their license. But I have found some photos on the internet, the planning application / development stage image and also some of the bar when it was open.

There is a lift that comes up under the No.2 engine to bring patrons to the roof terrace, and you would have walked out of the open fuselage to the bar.

As mentioned, the bar is reported as now closed, but if you ever happen to be in the junction of Jalan Raya Semer and Jalan Raya Kerobokan there is a "little" (actually very big) piece of BCal history. She is still in the livery of her last operator, Avient Cargo, and most surely is a local landmark now.

Sorry, no prizes for spotting our DC10
Planning Image This really is a big piece of a DC10 Making an entrance The lift up into the DC10
Planning Image This really is a big piece of a DC10 Making an entrance The lift up into the DC10

Not your everyday sight
Not your everyday sight
I would say her last journey........but with this DC10.......I am not so sure!
Ready for a new set of passengers ...and cue the music
......and as always......the best shot saved for the end......

Z-AVT (BFGI) maybe the largest display piece in any bar just about anywhere I would think!
Where next for this DC10..........time will tell