Special Thanks to Friends and Contributors
Here I would like to pay a special thank you to those who have provided images and information for the site, and who have given their kind permission to use some of their collated information and images

A special thank you goes out to all those who worked for British Caledonian, they made the airline.
An airline that played a very important role in World Aviation

Bob Cooper
Bob has provided lots of great photo's from his days as an engineer at Gatwick, many thanks
Richard Church
Richard has provided some very useful information on the 1-11 fleet, and this info is much appreciated
Cas Caswell
Cas has been very helpful with all sorts of info, images and much more
Tony Rogers
Tony has kindly let me use some of his superb photos, further examples of his work can be seen on Airliners.net
Johan Ljungdahl
Johan has kindly let me use some of his superb BCAL photos,
further examples of his work can be seen on Airliners.net

Harry Millar
For his superb contribution of photo's and information from his days with British Caledonian Helicopters

Paul Robinson
Paul has very kindly forwarded many superb photographs from his days with British Caledonian, are on show now, and more
over the following updates, and will be well received and appreciated for the great record they provide.
Phil Bowell
Phil has been a great help. and has kindly allowed me to borrow some great advertising pieces, which will be here soon.
I am sure that everyone will enjoy them.

Tony Gaydon
Tony, once an outstation engineer in Africa, has provided brilliant support and some great insights in BCAL operations in Africa. Many thanks indeed
Nick Higson
Nick used to work for British Caledonian Airways, and his contribution of images and information to the site is greatly appreciated.
Brian Millers Aviation Photography - The Best Houston Aviation Site
Brian has been a great help with his advice and support, for which I am very grateful. Visit his site from the links list,
and see if you can answer his competition questions !
Commercial Jet Aircraft Census (William Harms)
Bill has a whole wealth of information on his site about many aircraft, Boeings, Douglas and Airbus. He has kindly let
me use some information on my sites, with regard to where the ex B-Cal fleet aircraft are now.
Andrew Abshier's Hub Airport
Andrew has kindly sent me some very good B-Cal images from their days when they used to serve Houston,Texas. Drop by his site from the links page, models and Kai Tak pics.
Ralph Kunadt's Airliners Photos
Ralph has kindly provided a great image of G-AXJK. Drop by his site from the links page.

Airliners Images By Bob P
Bob has very kindly allowed me to use the image of G-AXRS on the B707 page. He can be reached from my links page

Note 1
This site is a personal tribute to British Caledonian Airways, and is
a historic tribute site, as the airline is no longer flying

Note 2
Photographs are used from many sources, and the photographers are unknown in many cases. If anyone recognises their work, please do not hesitate to contact me, so that proper recognition can be given