Silver City B170 and the Fairey 1000
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On page 84 of the book, The History of British Caledonian, is a short paragraph on a Silver City Bristol Freighter that carried a smallish boat to France in May 1952.  The paragraph says:-

"May saw them [Silver City] carry a sailing boat for Fairey Marine, sister company of Fairey Aviation. Their 1,000th Firefly class boat was packed onto a car trailer and popped onboard a Cherbourg bound Freighter, saving the need for any special packing crates and enabling the boat to be delivered quickly."

The words are accompanied by a small image of a Fairey Firefly, as can be seen on the right.

Please drop me a line anytime if you can help with the staff names please
Though I am now pleased to say the original photo has come to light, and also shows Silver City crew alongside the actual boat too. 

Does anyone recognise the crew at all please?  It would be nice to add their names so they can be recorded with their charge. Im thinking the lady may be from Fairey Marine?  And below this crew close up is the full picture.