My Date With Destiny
by Eunice Musgrave

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My autobiography is a compilation of personal memories from my career as a nurse, including years as a lecturer in clinical hypnotherapy; as an air hostess during the “golden years” of flying; years spent writing, producing and acting in musicals and pantos, and life in the Yorkshire Dales after retirement.

My dream was always to be an air hostess but, before taking it up, I yielded to pressure from my mother to secure a future in a recognised profession. After taking a Cordon Bleu course in cooking, I studied and qualified as a nurse attached to Charing Cross Hospital. A selection of bizarre events and amusing incidents I experienced as a nurse on hospital wards are documented in the book. Warning, these chapters are not for the squeamish!

The focal point of my career was flying in the sixties and seventies with Silver City Airways and British United Airways in the company of some of the most professional men and women known to aviation. An assortment of audacious feats on the part of commercial crews, including my husband Bill and me, have been sorted and rolled out in an unvarnished fashion. You must stow your tray, put your seat back upright, and strap in for this part of the ride!  

The final part of my memoirs recounts my attempts to recover from personal upsets and let-downs in my life, which I addressed by returning to writing, producing and acting in musicals and Christmas pantos and, later, practising and teaching clinical hypnotherapy - all courses of action that helped me overcome my setbacks, guided, I firmly believe, by destiny.

Eunice Musgrave

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