"Living Out Of A Suitcase"
by Mike Hancock
I joined British Caledonian in 1980, and it was in 1985 that I had an idea to record a song, for the Golden Lion Children's Trust, and with the financial help and support from my colleague, Captain Michael Marsh I recorded "Living out of a suitcase" at Sonoptics studios in Billingshurst.
It took around four days to record the song which was a great experience, working with "Big" Jim Sullivan, who produced the record and played guitar with me, and also Nick Van Eede provided backing vocals, Nick went on to front a band called Cutting Crew, who had a hit with "Died in your arms tonight".
It was difficult to get much media exposure as the record was to benefit one charity, however Radio Mercury gave it a few plays, and I also did and interview on the BBC.
Most of the sales went to friends and colleagues at work, and Commercial Director Alan Deller, donated 50p from every record sold.
Overall it was a great experience to make the record, and I was really pleased to help the charity, I recently transferred the record to CD to join the modern age !
Thank you to all who bought the record and supported the charity. Best Wishes, Mike Hancock     
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Donations to the Golden Lion Children's Trust can be made at  www.GLCT.org.uk
To hear a 1 minute sample of Mike's "Living Out Of A Suitcase", click the button
PS - it takes a few minutes to download, but its worth it.
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Many thanks to Mike for his great story, his photo's and of course his song for this page
Donations to the Golden Lion Children's Trust can be made at  www.GLCT.org.uk

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