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The following videos were kindly sent in by Mansel, and I am pleased to be able to show them here

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I was BCAL Sales Manager in Scotland from 1983 until the British Airways takeover in 1989.

Although I was originally with BA from 1966 to 1979, and that was where I 'learned my trade', I was fortunate to get back into the airline business in 1983 with BCAL as Sales Manager in Scotland working directly for Chris Gilbert (National Sales Manager) and, indirectly, for Richard Havers (GM Domestic Routes) and Gordon Mason (GM Scotland).

My tenure with BCAL in Scotland was short-lived (only six years) as a result of unavoidable political developments ('Good Old' Maggie Thatcher and her pal Lord King) but, nevertheless, my family and I really enjoyed the time we spent 'North of the Border' and we all still maintain strong links with Scotland.

After leaving BCAL, I continued in the travel business in Scotland and handled the administration for the Scotway group of independent travel agents as well as undertaking some freelance sales development work on the Glasgow/Washington route for David Coltman and Graham Atkinson when they were running the Atlantic operation for United Airlines.

We relocated to Yorkshire in 2000 and I now do 'what I want to do' as a digital artist and photographer. You can get more information on what I'm up to by checking my various websites (see below).

I have used my BCAL photo collection (1983 to 1989) to make up three, what I call, 'moving picture shows'.

I became associated with the theme music for Item 1 when I used it in a presentation, in gold lame suit and roller skates, at Alan Deller's Marketing Director Conference in the late Eighties

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