Flying to the Sun
A History of Britain's Holiday Airlines
by Charles Woodley

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Here we have details of Charles's latest book - Published in March 2016

The end of the Second World War not only brought peace to a war-weary population but also delivered a plethora of surplus transport aircraft, crew and engineers, which could be easily and cheaply repurposed to ‘lift’ the mood of the British population. The dream of sun-drenched beaches in exotic places suddenly became a reality for thousands of pioneering tourists taking advantage of the air-travel revolution of the 1950s.

From their humble beginnings flying holidaymakers to campsites in Corsica in war-surplus Dakota aircraft to today’s flights across the globe in wide-bodied Airbuses, Flying To The Sun narrates the development of Britain’s love-hate relationship with holiday charter airlines.

Whilst many readers today will be more familiar with names like Ryanair and Easyjet than Clarksons or Dan-Air, this charming book serves as a fond reminder of those enterprising airlines and companies that ushered a new age of travel.

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