BUA Ground Ops Vehicle
Jersey - 1968

Now I was rummaging through some old photos I came across this.....

A BUA sandstone & blue liveried moped and sidecar. I think it may be a Lambretta.

I have seen many many ground vehicles, but this is a new one

So who had these...Ground Ops?  - Nope.....It was engineering

Why did the sidecar not have a black nose cone?

Was it just on Jersey....or did other airports have them?

Was it inherited from Jersey Airlines ?   Yes

Does anyone have one?

If not, where can we get one?

All info and thoughts much appreciated.
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From Barry Friend 1st March 2017
It was used by the engineering department in JER, it lived on and here is a picture taken in JER early 1980ís in Air UK colours.

Apparently Jersey Airlines did have two Lambretta scooters both modified for the side car, they were duly handed down, but did not survive the KLM uk era and both scrapped

From Dave T
So the Scooter survived BUA, BUIA, BIA and on to Air UK - it may not have been seen in BCal colours as it would have gone down the BUIA side when British & Commonwealth sold BUA.