BUA's Cessna G-ASDJ

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Finding photos of Air Charter DC-4's in BUA titles before Carvair conversion is comparitively easy when compared to how long it has taken to turn up this photo. BUA's 6-seater Cessna 320A, G-ASDJ, at Biggin Hill Air Show in 1963.

She was bought from new and registered to BUA in October 1962......and transferred some five years later in November 1967 to Airwork Services (Bournemouth then Perth).
From Peter Harding
In the late summer of 1967 this aircraft was transferred from the care of Morton Air Services to AST Perth. Perth were short of Cessna 310's due to a wheels up landing which laid one up for quite a while, and a requirement to give the Corporation course solo time on twins.

AST never believed in delivery flights, so I and another student Paul Watson were encouraged to go south for a weekend to visit our families....and then turn up at Gatwick to collect DJ with an instructor and fly it back to Perth via Prestwick. It all counted as training and we were billed accordingly. It soon got integrated with the 310's there. Sadly it was written off when a student used it to fly low over the sea!

If you recall her use at all,  please drop me a line (crew transfers / private charters / management transport etc)