BUA's G-ATDJ in Sydney - December 1968

The photo below shows VC10 G-ATDJ outside the Qantas Hangars at Sydney's Mascot Airport in December 1968

But why was she there - the answer is below

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My thanks to Ian Lucas for the question
VC10 - G-ATDJ in Sydney
My thanks go to Charles Powell and Roger Botting for their replies on this one. The reason DJ was there looks to be part of a shipping charter, most likely British & Commonwealth. Charles recalls that it was a charter for a ship's crew. They aircraft operated out via BOM/SIN and returned the same way. The ground time in SYD was for crew rest and the need to meet curfew. The aircraft returned leaving SYD early in morning and arriving at LGW within the same daylight period.

VC10 G-ASIW in Sydney
We also heard from Leo Murphy who was part of the crew of G-ASIW when she flew Singapore-Sydney and Sydney-Darwin-Singapore on 29th October 1968. On this particular occasion I believe the flight had originated in Athens with Greek immigrants heading to Australia recalls Leo.

From Phil Baker, John McArdle and Nigel Haw - which sits neatly with the info above
Turns out G-ATDJ was the 2nd time a BUA VC10 had visted Sydney, DJ was on a British & Commonwealth ships crew charter that left the UK via Bombay and Singapore, on the 29th October 1968 G-ASIW operated an immigrant flight from Athens to Sydney that went via Darwin