Just for Fun - What is this ?
(answers below)

Im sure more things like this will be along soon

Airline memorabilia comes in all shapes and sizes.......and this appeared a while back........quite an unusual item....the only one in the collection for sure.

It came with it's BUA service tag, and was tagged as serviceable on the 1st February 1965 (a clue maybe?). 

The Part No is PDD16292

It is about 10 inches tall and made of plastic.

Just for fun, two questions

a) What is it?

b) What aircraft type did it come from

Answers below

a) A toilet drain horn (for the sink I hope!)

b) A Vickers Viscount - photo below showing where it is
Whats This Viscount APND 2
Whats This Viscount APND 2a