Tobacciana / Smoking Memorbilia

BUA, Caledonian and BCal

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Over the years all sorts of smoking related advertising was used, in the main as promotional items that could easily be picked up and popped in a pocket as with matches and lighters.

Ashtrays and table lighters provided the "on your desk" reminder advertising. Below are a fair selection of these that have been found over the years, though I am sure some more exist, please get in touch if you have some different ones.

Also, there is a BCal cigar below, were these available on-board?, any info would be great, thank you.  email
Smoking Match 01 Smoking Match 02 Smoking Match 03 Smoking Match 04
Smoking Match 08 Smoking Match 08a Smoking Match 08b Smoking Match 08c
Smoking Match 05 Smoking Match 09 Smoking Match 07 Smoking Match 06
Smoking Ashtray 06 Smoking Ashtray 01 Smoking Ashtray 07
Smoking Ashtray 02 Smoking Ashtray 03 Smoking Ashtray 05
Smoking lighter 01 Smoking lighter 02 Smoking lighter 03 Smoking lighter 08 Smoking lighter 04
Smoking lighter 05 Smoking lighter 06 Smoking lighter 07 Smoking lighter 10 Smoking lighter 11
Smoking Cigarette Case 01
Here we have a Caledonian Airways cigarette case, the photos were kindly sent in by Roy Sexton.

We think that this was produced quite late on; around 1969 / 1970. But of course any more info always welcome