British Caledonian Stewardess

Hand-Painted Champagne Glasses
Please note - this is a Non-sponsored advert - and I am not on a retainer

but I think these look good and that folks may like them

Any queries please let me know

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Hand Painted Champagne glass for British Caledonian Flight / Cabin Crew / Ground Staff.

Great gift for birthdays, special occasions etc

Can be personalised with any hair colour or Style.

Names can also be added.

Personalisation is included in the price

PLEASE NOTE   :  Glasses are priced per 1 glass

24.00 per Glass 

UK Postage is 3.95  (up to 2 glasses)

Please contact Louise for this when ordering, it will depend on quantity etc. I am sure

But 10% off for 3 has been mentioned

Rinse before use

Please note these are not dishwasher safe, gentle hand wash only if used, taking care not to scratch the hand-painted gloss design.

As such, a light hand rinse in TEPID (not Hot!) water only followed by immediate, gentle drying with a soft, dry and clean cloth is all that is necessary!

For all orders please contact the artist, Louise Davis


and of course do not forget to discuss any personalisation needed too
British Caledonian - A Tribute