The Maureen Rogers Gallery

The following 1973 AB Initio photo was kindly sent in by Maureen and I am pleased to be able to show it here
If you recognise any of Maureen's fellow course mates please drop me a line anytime so I can add them in
Maureen McGarvey was a Scottish hostie on the course and Maureen is 6th from the left in the back row.  Her married name when with BCAL was Maureen Rogers but now she is Maureen Miller and living in Nr Horsham.

Also, we have Jane Strong (now Gardiner) is centre back

Sitting 1st left Eileen Munro - Scottish girl
Sitting 2nd right Ingrid Lindstrom - Swedish
Sitting 3rd Left  Lynda Husbands - Training Hostess (with wings)

Standing 1st right  Jane Patterson - Scottish (ended up in Nurses unit on ground)
Standing 2nd right  Martine Claeys - French
Standing 4th right   Helena McGowan
Standing 4th right   Trisha Riley
Standing 2nd left    Olive??
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