The BCal Light Aircraft Project 1
Laurie Price & Robin Washington

The Roll-out of G-RECW

2017 sees the 30th Anniversary of the BA takeover of British Caledonian and Laurie and Robin are leading an project to livery a light aircraft  in BCal colours so it can take to the skies one more time.

Update 5th Jan 2017


The rollout of Robin Washington’s Piper Archer G-RECW, freshly painted in the colours of British Caledonian, will take place at Biggin Hill Airport on Monday 16th January at 12 noon and you are invited to attend!

If you have access to a BCal uniform, please do wear it! We would like as many people as possible to be wearing tartan. This will be a great opportunity to catch up with old colleagues.

We hope to have a very good turnout of former BCal staff, but of course the ongoing aim of this endeavour is to generate funds for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham and the Golden Lion Children’s Trust.

This event is being entirely sponsored by Biggin Hill Airport, who have been most generous with their support.

Refreshments will be provided during the event, and you will have the opportunity to get up close to the aircraft and take photographs.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Robin Washington, Laurie Price, Richard Heywood

3rd January 2017 - Photos from Peter Kenworthy
Peter was able to visit Biggin HIll on 3rd Jan with the project team and has passed along these photos

Update 15th Dec 2016

I am pleased to say we have an update. Here follows an update from Laurie Price & Robin Washington.

BCAL Light Aircraft Project - BCAL Livery to Fly Again!

2017 sees the 30th Anniversary of the takeover of BCAL by BA. A number of former BCAL staff thought it would be good if we could recognise that anniversary and establish a more permanent reminder of the proud heritage and contribution of BCAL to the history and development of UK civil air transport.

The idea was to get a light aircraft painted and flying in BCAL livery. That way both former BCAL staff and subsequent generations could either be reminded of or see for the first time BCAL’s striking and unique livery on an aircraft.

Following a piece on the idea published in the BCAL monthly newsletter, Laurie Price was contacted by Robin Washington, the husband of former BCAL Heathrow Transfer Desk Staff member, Julie Washington. Sadly, Julie passed away last year and Robin was looking for a positive way to reflect her life and memory. Robin mentioned that he was having his Piper Archer G-RECW, refurbished and intended to put a BCAL Golden Lion on the white tail and name the aircraft Julie.

We advised Robin of the approaches we had made through friends at BA to secure permission to use the BCAL livery on a light aircraft.  With CW about to go to the paint shop at Biggin Hill, the team went into action, with Robin forwarding a paint scheme and colour swatches supplied by Dave Thaxter.

The result will be CW painted in BCAL livery, adapted for the Piper Archer, being rolled out at Biggin Hill before Christmas. CW will carry the name “Julie - The Spirit of BCAL”. The owner and chairman of Biggin Hill, Andrew Walters, is an old friend of the team and BCAL, and he has agreed to help with publicity for the venture. And two team members, Shirley and Barbara, have volunteered for PR shots in BCAL uniform.

The aim will be for CW to be used by flying training organisation Air First at Blackbushe but also for ex-BCAL staff, and others interested, to be able to book a 'trial lesson' in CW through Air First at Blackbushe with photos and a “gopro” video (on request), whilst those already holding PPL's will be able to hire her subject to check out and aircraft availability.

In addition it is hoped to be able to display CW at Air Shows next year and help to raise funds for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham, where Julie was cared for and possibly the Golden Lion Children’s Trust.

The BCAL website will carry pictures of CW on its roll out and details of any publicity achieved in a future edition.  LNP / RW 13/12/2016
Work starting on 20th December 2016
Livery progress as of 29th December 2016
Update 30th Dec 2016

I am pleased to say we have an update. Here we have some photos from Robin Washington showing the progress to date.