Keith Mulvaney  Steward
Sadly I have heard that Keith, a steward, has recently passed away. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues at this time. Keith was a very popular lad to fly with and many will share great memories of him. He leaves a daughter Channel.

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Keith Remembered

From Susie Caldwell: Oh no. How sad. Huge condolences to all Keith's loved ones

From Lyn Lipop (nee Pontefract): No not Keith !! He was lovely !!

From Brenda Mills: So very sad Keith was great to fly with

From Sara Cunningham: Oh dear. So sad

From Julie Blackwell
Rick and I were talking about Keith the other day. He helped Rick buy my engagement ring, so he is often thought about. So sad

From Rosemary David Whitten: Oh dear, very sad to hear this.

From Brian Clarke: Very sad news. RIP Keith.

From Michael Atkinson: A good man, RIP, thoughts to his loved ones.

From Sally Simmonds: Very sorry to hear.

From Sarah Hosford (Thomlinson)
So sad to hear.  Keith was an absolute pleasure to fly with and great fun off the aircraft. Condolences to his loved ones.  RIP Keith

From Ana Eva Heuberger:  R.I.P. Keith, a fine man, lovely to fly with!

From Angelica Malins: RIP Keith - such a gentleman

From Diana Evans: Very sad to hear, RIP Keith. It was a pleasure flying with and knowing you

From Gilly Matthews (nee Slade)
Take a gallon of giggles, a dash of flirtation, and a whole dollop of charm. That's the recipe for Keith...a lovely, lovely man. I hope he knew that.

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Condolences have also been extended by:

Dave Thaxter, Marguerite Hatcher, Jim Williams, Mike Keely, Tricia Riley, Jenny Thomas, Brian Buchanan Aitchison, Pat Cresswell, Marjorie Anglesea Jackson, Mike Jeffs, Stuart Powney, Frank Brejcha, Ann Roberts, Chris Jensen, Julie Nuttall

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