Note: for those who want to know, during his time in Canada, Gordon was offered a large group move to Europe if he went to the agents office in his kilt. This he agreed to do.

The day before the visit, a large snow storm hit Toronto so on arrival at the airport, Gordon could not get a taxi to the far side of the airport where the agents office was located.

Gordon being the salesman he was did not think twice. He had his months targets to make. He walked to the far side of the airport around the perimeter track through very large snow drifts, well above his knees, and after several hours (the way he told it to me) he finally made it.

They warmed him up and presented him the business.

“Nanook of the North” was borne.

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Gordon Mason

Sadly Gordon passed away on the evening of Tuesday 6th November 2012.  Gordon finished up with BCAL in Toronto after 18 years service in 1986. He worked at Gatwick for Caledonian Airways and latter with BCAL in Scotland, Then set up my own PR company and served as Marketing Director for Scottish European Airways

Gordon Remembered

“A Legend In His Own Lifetime” 1935 - 2012 by Phil Bowell

On Wednesday 14th November, 4 of us met up at Gatwick for the flight to Ayr to attend Gordon Mason’s funeral - Tony Cocklin, Rohan Alce, Trevor Boud and myself.

Whether you knew him as Gordon, “Big G” or “Nanook Of The North” as he became in his last posting to Canada, he epitomised all that was good and great about BCAL - only he could really ever represent our company to its best at promotions, functions, sales calls and of course, “Addressing the Haggis”. There really was no one better at this violent act than Gordon, attacking the “wee beastie”. A great man who will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him.

Others from the aviation world who gathered in Ayr are as follows:-

Marshall Gibson, Jimmy McWilliam, Trevor Boud, Ranald Noel-Paton, Bruce Langham, Tony Cocklin, Norma Marwick, Rohan Alce, Phil Bowell, Barbara Wilson and Pat Simpson

Caledonian Airmotive
David Muircroft

Scottish European
Katie Gaston, Cathy Sweeney

Following Gordon’s funeral at the aptly named Masonhill Crematorium in Ayr, Gordon’s family arranged a wonderful get together so we could all remember and toast our old friend.

We had a wonderful time relaying tales of Gordon’s antics and other memories, between us and to his family. Gordon’s son Tom gave a heartfelt eulogy to his father which Gordon would have been proud of.

We later spent some quality time with Tom, Shona his daughter and their children, one of which has an uncanny resemblance to his grandfather. We also spent time with his lovely wife Janet, the woman behind the man.

Below a photo of the remaining group raising a wee dram to the man himself.
British Caledonian - A Tribute