Air Charter B170 to Berlin

If anyone has any photos I would be pleased to show them here, please drop me a line anytime email

Air Charter was also a vehicle ferry operator, and they also flew Freighters and Yorks in the 2nd Berlin Airlift. Below we have a series of photos from the autumn of 1955, with Bristol Freighter G-ANMF.

The pictures were taken at Hannover on 20th September 1955. We were on a turnround, having brought freight in from Tempelhof. At that time, Air Charter's crews were based in Berlin, taking freight out to Hamburg and Hannover and also operating  a DC 4 for BEA on their passenger routes to the same destinations.

The young lady in the photos is thought to be a German speaker incase of the need to speak German to the air traffic control or possibly a friend of the crew when hitching a ride was possible.

The crew were Captain Goff Bowles and Captain John Moss
Capt John Moss Capt Goff Bowles
Capt John Moss Capt Goff Bowles
Capt Goff Bowles (on the left) and Capt John Moss on the right.