BCal's 10th Anniversary Party

30th November 1980

The party was the culmination of months of work by the Corporate Relations team who had organised the event which included live music and entertainments, including the Pipes and Drums of British Caledonian, whose rousing performance brought the house down.

The Northern Dance Orchestra provided the big band sound for dancing on the evening, with music from Whisky Mac and Lone Star Review, a Country and Western Band from Houston.

The cabaret was provided by, The Fallen Arches, a group of BCal sales managers by day, their satirical songs on the evening had the audiance in fits of laughter. The staff from the Netherlands, in traditional costume, entertained with thier rendition of "Tulips from Amsterdam",  of course.

The charity raffle on the evening was in aid of the Golden Lion Children's Trust, with holidays and flights as prizes, that raised nerarly 2,000 being raised on the evening for their good work. Their chairman Harry Davis said the money would help make the lives of many handicapped children better in 1981.

As with all good birthdays, a large birthday cake was made, the 10 candles were blown out by Alastair Pugh, the cake was not eaten on the night, it was donated to the Royal Alex Hospital for Children in Brighton at the suggestion of BCal Cargo's Paul Barnes whose son was in the Alex at the time.

In his speech during the evening, Adam Thomson said "Together, we have created and developed an airline, an airline that has an excellant national reputation as a well run business, an airline that has an international reputation that is amongst the best in the international league".

The evening drew to a close at 2AM, with the signing of Auld Lang Syne, the biggest and best party of the decade over, but a fitting celebration of the 10 years to date.

Below, a gallery of photos from the evening, and my thanks to Peter Barrie, a member of The Fallen Arches, for his contribution in making this page possible.

If you were at the party, please feel free to drop me a line with your recollections 

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Photo 01
The birthday cake, made by BCal's staff restauranters Gardner Merchant, was a grand affair, and was pictured with (left to right), Rosemary Lambert, Joy Brightman, Adam Thomson, John Cook (Gardener Merchant), Alastair Pugh, Sylivia Morant,
Eric Goodyear and Rebecca Beaumont Jones.

Photo 02
The 10 candles being attended too by Alastair Pugh, with The Fallen Arches in the background

Photo 03
Adam Thomson, Alastair Pugh, Pipe Major Bob Richardson and Drum Major Mick Sterling watch over the proceedings,
and Les Howard of the Northern Dance Orchestra is conducting the orchestra.

Photo 04
Adam Thomson raises a glass of champagne to toast the evening's celebrations

Photo 05
The Pipes and Drums of British Caledonian take the floor, infront of the DC10 bedecked stage, their performance was also being filmed by the BBC Scottish News.

Photo 06
The dance floor was filled, just as the ballons were being released, with some of the 5,000 people who made it to the party.

Photo 07
The Fallen Arches, the star cabaret act of BCal Sales Managers, who are (left to right) Graham Broadbridge, Martin Harewood, Peter Barrie, Dave Gerrard, Ray Jackson, Chris Tear, David Brooksbank and Nick Boize.

Photo 08
Pipe Major Bob Richardson and Piper John Cameron, pictured with some of BCal's Ghanian guests in their national dress.

Photo 09
BCal staff from Amsterdam, in traditional costumes for the evening and their caberet prefoamce of Tulips from Amsterdam.
I hope you enjoy the page, and if you were at the party, please drop me a line with your photos and recollections   Bcalatribute@outlook.com

British Caledonian was formed on 30th November 1970, after long talks led to British United Airways being taken over by Caledonian Airways

After 10 years of hard work, the 10th Anniversary party was held at the Brighton Centre, some 25 miles south of Gatwick, a big venue was needed as over 5,000 staff and their guests attended the celebrations.

The party started on the eve of St Andrews Day, but was still going into the early hours of St Andrews Day, the 30th November.

Adam Thomson, said how wonderful it was to see so many BCal people in the same place at the same time and added his warm welcome to the several hundred who had come from offices and outstations overseas.